Weekly Round-Up: Characters and Collections

Every week our editors publish somewhere between 10 and 15 blog posts—but it can be hard to keep up amidst the busyness of everyday life. To make sure you never miss another post, we’ve created a new weekly round-up series. Each Saturday, find the previous week’s posts all in one place.

wr_iconCrafting Your Character

The reign of the Raymond Chandler-esque, male heroic detective is over; your detective can break Chandler’s guidelines in any number of ways. If you want to write crime fiction with a female protagonist, this is what you need to know.

When creating characters with life experiences that differ vastly from your own, you do your research. When your character is a psychopath, Peter James’s top five tips for getting into the mind of a psychopath will help you learn the best ways to research the disorder.

One of the most difficult characters to define? Our own. Read When Can You Call Yourself a “Real” Writer?—especially if you’ve every fallen prey to imposter syndrome.

Agents and Opportunities

Meet the Agent: Helen Adams of Zimmerman Literary is seeking nonfiction on the topics of wellness, relationships, popular culture, women’s issues, and music, as well as memoirs and reading group fiction.

You may have heard the term “literary scout” recently as an option for getting your manuscript to the publishers. Learn all about what literary scouts do, how they differ from agents, and what they could mean for you here.

Poetic Asides

For this week’s Wednesday Poetry Prompt, write a “nothing better” poem. Then challenge yourself by trying out our first poetic form of 2017: the ottava rima.

This week’s Poetry Spotlight shines on the Poetry Foundation in Chicago. Learn all about the poetry-related activities that this non-profit organizes.

If you’ve written a lot of poems, you may be wondering how other poets go about organizing them into collections. Read Collecting Poems into a Book: 5 Poets Share Their Method for some insight.

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